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Sisal, or henequen in the Mayan language, is a plant used for commercial purposes, grown in semi-arid regions. It is primarily the fiber of the leaves that is used, being especially processed to make ropes, sacks, cloth, and of course, carpets.

Sisal Carpets are made of 100% natural fibers and are well known for high durability, not building static or trapping dust thereby making them the perfect choice.


This type of natural carpet has been used since ancient times and their resurgence in popularity is due to the need to create spaces where natural elements are taking relevance.
Their resistance, their neutral tones and knotted texture make them ideal candidates for any decor without ever really becoming outdated.


Sisal carpet is an excellent choice for stairs, as the coarse fibre allows the friction to form a firm grip. Add a contrasting border for stairs and hallways and transform a plain sisal carpet to a stunning new look for your home, office or stall.

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