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Our sisal Mats and natural fiber rugs are a great fit for any home thanks to their versatility, durability, and comfort. Whether you’re looking for an area rug for your outdoor patio, mudroom, or living room, our custom sisal rugs are the perfect option. Because each rug is made from 100% natural fiber.                                                 



Personalized Doormats

As visitors enter your home, your doormat is one of the first things they’ll see. Easily create a warm and friendly welcome with personalized doormats for every season. Our custom welcome mats are weatherproof and can be used indoors in your foyer or outdoors to catch rain, mud and snow from shoes and boots before guests enter your home. Custom doormats also make great housewarming gifts for friends and family. Browse our wide selection to find exclusive designs and unique styles that will complement any home décor. Choose from four mat sizes, including half-round and oversized doormats. Then add your personal touch by customizing each doormat with names, monograms, dates, fun characters, graphics and more.



Coir tiles- a new floor

Mattings are cut, rubberised and finished with narrow straight edges, enabling it to be laid together to form tiles. Our Coir Tiles have inherent strength for durability and strength as it is made out of the strong fibres of coconut husks. Strong and eco-friendly Coir Tiles come in innovative designs so that it can make the floors look classy.



Sisal Flooring & Wall carpet Installation

*  Sisal Flooring

* Stair runners

* Sisal Wall Carpet

Sisal Flooring is most common used method of carpet floor installation can be fixed or just layed over floor.

Stair runners are a great addition because they help buffer sound, provide warmth, cushioning underfoot and reduce slipping. Stair runners can also add a fun design element to your home’s decor.

Wall-to-wall carpet, is number one for price and affordability. It’s much more cost effective than installing wood floors with the purchase of large area rugs. Enjoy a sense of luxury like a grand hotel. Wall-to-wall carpeting provides insulation and warmth, sound absorption and noise reduction plus it’s durable and easy to maintain.

 How to Install Carpets?

  • Ideal to drop off for acclimation before installing

  • It’s best to use a thin felt carpet pad, double sided taped carpet pad or glue down sisal directly to floor.   This helps hold the sisal secure in place and eliminates issues with the padding bunching underneath.


- 26/01

What is Coir?


Our Coir Products

Coir, wonderful and versatile fibrous material found in the outer cover of coconut is often termed the golden fibre. It is extracted from the husk of nuts of coconut palms referred in Indian mythology as “Kalpavriksha”The very purpose of the outer cover, ‘husk’ is to protect the kernel of the coconut. The Coir fibre and dust particles extracted from the husk, Coir pith, goes on to protect the mother earth with its enviable eco-friendly attributes. White fibre is extracted from the unripe nuts while Brown fibre is made from ripe nuts. It is extracted mechanically or manually and passes through a series of process before it takes the shape of a product of interest to end user.

This 100% organic natural fibre is biodegradable and eco friendly, its applications are innumerable.

Presence of more lignin and less cellulose makes it more durable compared to other natural fibre.

It is relatively waterproof and resistant to damage by saltwater, a unique quality for a natural fibre.

Coir made from fully ripened nuts is thick, strong and has high abrasion resistance.

It can be spun into twines by hand or machine.

More than hundred different varieties of Coir yarn are available in Centre Carpet with different Diameter, Twist and grades.

Coir Yarn is graded on the basis of the length of strands per Kilogram, termed Runnage. It is available in Bundles, spools and bales. Coir and fibre can be dyed into palette of colors using organic or chemical. Coir can be used in making an alluring range of Mats, Mattings, Rugs, Carpets, Floor tiles, Mattress, Pillows, and cushions.  It is used in manufacture Geo-textiles and is widely used in farms as trailers for hops and other creepers From Agriculture to Geo-engineering, From cozy interiors to extremely rough terrains,The applications of Coir and Coir products are unlimited, opportunities seamless.

                                                                     - 26/01


Centre Carpet

Coir World

Growing on Coco


The Coco Pith or  Coco Peat

 For Well balanced growing

Controlling the decomposition process, adding the correct nutrient buffer to adjust the ratio, feeding the plants the correct ratio of nutrients to offset the coco ‘release’ will produce the perfect growing conditions.

The key to proper coco growing is to use the right feed to balance the products the coco gives off, not just the availability of minerals, but their ratios too.

Coco peat holds about 33% more moisture then similar grades of peat based mediums. If it is in good structure, but, because a great amount of this is tucked away in the micro-pores, the medium can look dry but still be sufficiently moist.

And the pH of the medium, when buffered and controlled, remains constant pretty much throughout its useful life. The medium sets its pH at between 5.5 and 6.2, a perfect range, and will hold it there.

Coco is an ideal medium, so its widely used for gardening and landscaping.

The Biodegradable Planting Pots 

Coir Pots are made out of coconut husk fibers, coco pots are 100% natural biodegradable. The user planted in the ground it will biodegradable in 3 months. So no need to remove plant from the pot. Coco pot is used as potting soil, Mainly for horticulture, in ornamental plant cultivation, vine and tree nurseries and in domestic gardening.

when plants are grown in coco coir pot,the roots quickly penetrate the pot walls and contact with air stops the root from growing,root buds start to appear and secondary roots start to develop through the pot.The volume of the pot is used 100% by a dense network of root hairs of the plant.

Coco pots enables faster cultivation, excellent root system and re-establishment without any shock from transplanting.

The Planting Coco Sheet Felt

That can be used to plant seeds even small sized seeds it has a great utility to occupy enough moisture and can be easy for square plantation methods.

The Coir Net

Coir Net biodegradable erosion control mat is manufactured from 100% natural coir fibre extracted from coconut husk.

​Coir Net can be used in both seeded re-vegetation applications for grass establishment or tube stock revegetation. The coir fibre can retain moisture providing ideal germination conditions while protecting soil from erosion.

Coir Net has both greater tensile strength and life expectancy than other bio-degradable products due to the strong fibrous quality of coir fibre. It can last up to 48 months depending on the climatic conditions.

Due to its smaller aperture size Coir Net protects both seed and tube stock prior to germination from wind and water erosion.



What is sisal carpet?


Sisal carpet is a natural carpet fiber extracted from Agave plant’s long spiny leaves (species Agave sisalana). Sisal is a highly durable carpet often used in heavy traffic areas and higher end homes.  It can be used as a wall to wall carpet, an area rug or runner.  Often, sisal area rugs and runners are bound with a canvas border (about an inch wide) for a more tailored finish.

Agave is believed to have originated in Mexico, but it is now grown in Brazil, Florida, the Caribbean, as well as Tanzania, Kenya and parts of Asia.  (There is also a seaport town in Mexico named Sisal).

Sisal is also used for rope, twine, cloth, paper, handicrafts and wall coverings.

Sisal Carpets and mats has become very stylish in higher end homes where customers prefer hardwood and environmentally friendly options.  Many prefer sisals because of their earthy tones, their high end “berber” look/feel and they because they hold less allergens.  They also love that they are durable and tend to hide dirt/stains.

Because sisal is made entirely of natural plant fibers, it reflects the irregularity found in nature.  A perfectly uniform floor covering is not possible using natural sisal fibers.  Weaving variations – including knots, slubs, lines and color variances – are an inherent and desirable property of sisal.

More about the sisal plant

The typical life span of sisal is 7-10 years and the plant on average creates 200-250 commercially useable leaves.  Each leaf produces about 1,000 fibers.  The fibers grow up to 3 feet long and are harvested by hand.  They are sustainably harvested.  Sisals grow best in climates that are 75 degrees Fahrenheit or higher and arid environments.  Because sisal is in the agave family, it can be distilled to make a tequila-like liquor.

Renowned for their strength, the long white sisal fibers are sun-dried and then carefully spun into fine carpet yarns.




Jute Mats


Jute is a long, soft, shiny vegetable fiber that can be spun into coarse, strong threads.

Jute Mats & Rugs offer inherent natural beauty to any space in which they're used since they're made of dried plant fibers, often left in their original tan shade. Jute's durability -- like hemp or flax -- lends it a life of usefulness in woven form, as with an area rug.

A jute rug's fibers are natural, soft and durable. These rugs are pet-friendly and clean relatively easily, requiring just a vacuum cleaning in most cases. As an area rug, it blends in well with many types of decor with its original tan color, adding a natural element to the room. Jute rugs are a bit thicker than other natural-fiber rugs, such as sisal or sea grass -- it is sometimes blended with chenille to create a rug soft enough for a child's playtime on the floor.

Care and Maintenance -- the Pros

A simple vacuuming with a brush attachment removes dust that may build up in the woven texture of the rug; vacuum from several directions to remove the most debris and prolong the rug's usefulness and beauty. If the rug has a binding, avoid vacuuming the stitched area to prolong its life. Treating a spill on the rug involves blotting, rather than rubbing the spot out.

Care and Maintenance -- the Cons

A jute rug, unlike some other rug types, cannot be steam cleaned, as the moisture may ruin it or lead to mildew and mold. Rug cleaners and spot cleaners are also a no-no for jute, as these may stain or discolor the rug's natural tones. Continual exposure to sunlight may also fade the rug; rotate it if kept in a sunny location so the light affects it evenly over time.

                                                                                          --      05.07

The Best Wool...

Pure wool and wool blend carpets are made from blends of different types of wools. These wools are broadly grouped as specialty carpet wools, basic wools and filler wools. All these groups of wool are important in determining the desirable characteristics of the finished carpet. The basic and filler wools are typically stronger type wools. Romney and other British breeds, hairy crossbreed sheep, hairy britches etc. are often bought to spin into carpet yarn. Speciality carpet wools contain a high proportion of hollow, or medullated, wool fibres. These are strong and resilient and impart these qualities to the finished carpet. They often contribute about 20-30% of the final blend.

Australia imports up to 90% of its carpet wools of all categories. Some of this wool contains coloured or pigmented fibres which limit the colour ranges of the final product. New Zealand is a major supplier of carpet wools used by Australian carpet manufacturers.

Many breeds can be used to supply the basic and filler wools, but there are only 4 breeds in Australia which can produce the speciality carpet wool. The four specialty breeds are Drysdale, Tukidale, Carpetmaster and Elliottdale. They have all been derived originally from Romney or Perendale sheep. All the breeds grow very similar quality of wool and, except for the Elliottdale which has polled ewes (and some rams), the sheep have horns.

Being based on Romney stock, speciality carpet wool sheep are a true dual purpose meat/wool sheep. Both the meat and the wool contribute to the profitability, with the proportions varying with the vagaries of each market at the time. Speciality carpet wool has different processing characteristics to most traditional wools and must be free from vegetable and dust faults. High rainfall areas are best suited for growing such high yielding wool. The staple length is also important and traditionally sheep are shorn twice each year to ensure wool isn't too long for processing. Some sheep are even shorn more than this, however, the high cost of shearing obviously effects nett returns to the grower and this aspect needs to be carefully considered.

Wool grows about 25 mm each month. Adult sheep can be expected to cut in the order of 6-7 kg per year and a yield of 78-80% is typical. Most flocks are run as self-replacing flocks. Some ewe lambs are kept on for breeding and usually all wether lambs are sold to the meat trade as prime lamb. The viability of keeping wethers depends on the price of wool and the final value of the sheep. Running wethers may be a viable sideline for dairy or beef farmers who could run a flock virtually without reducing the stocking rates of the cattle, because of the complementary effect resulting from different grazing pattens, parasite burdens and management considerations. For example, in a dairy farm with a rotational grazing system a mob of carpet wool sheep could be rotated after the cows to mop up what feed is left.



The Natural Fibres

Email us

We are also supplying high quality natural fibres such as Sisal, Coir, Hemp, Manila, Abaca, Palm, Banana, Cotton, Wool, Pineapple in any quantity.

So email us for more details.

 - 11/08

A Natural Touch

-With Rugs & Carpets

Sisal Rugs with Borders for a Warm and Stylish Touch

Natural sisal rugs are a modern and popular solution that can elevate your home décor and give a textured touch to your space. Area rugs are always a beautiful addition to a room, especially if you go with an eco-friendly one. What makes sisal rugs special are their natural fibres, soft texture and charming organic appeal.

One of the quickest ways to enhance the appeal of a home is with a couple of well-placed natural area rugs. With their neutral colors, pleasant textures and harmonizing weaves and patterns, natural rugs are enjoyed by nearly everyone, making them a great choice for home staging. At Natural Area Rugs, we have a large selection of sisal, jute, wool and natural grass rugs that will enrich nearly any home, helping it sell faster and maybe for a higher price.

                                                                                                                          -- 29/09

The Natural Fiber Rugs We Offer

Did you know that pollution inside your home is often far worse than the pollution outside of it? In fact, not only is the level of pollution often higher inside a home, but the air is also deadlier. One reason identified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency is carpeting, though they have yet to figure out why that is. At Natural Area Rugs, what we do know is that natural area rugs assist many of our clients with respiratory illnesses and allergies to live more comfortably in their own homes.

Our rugs are made from 100% natural and sustainable materials and provide the perfect complement to any interior design style. Our handcrafted rugs come in a variety of colors, textures and materials to suit your personal preference. If you have a specific design in mind, share your idea with us and we can show you what in our inventory best matches the finished product you desire.                                                                          ---   02/10

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